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When A Birth Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan – Part 1

My Birth Plan was pretty simple:

An induction at 38 weeks (after a scan at 37 weeks to ensure bubs would be big enough) to reduce the liklihood of a 3rd degree tear during delivery.

I came close with the birth of my last child and the dr wanted to avoid this at all costs.

Her goal was no tearing at all.

Gotta aim high!

Pain Relief:

Having had 1 birth using Pethidine and 2 births using NOTHING (not fun!), I wasn’t keen for either of those options.

My dr recommended an Epidural as this would have the added benefit of slowing down the 2nd stage and giving me more control.  This gave us a better chance of avoiding a nasty tear.

I was concerned about the Epidural stopping labour so the plan was to start the Epidural when 7cm dilated.

Given that during my 1st 3 labors, I had dilated quite quickly, I was comfortable with that as a plan.

Great Minds:

I had a day in mind for when I wanted to be induced.

Tuesday 13th November.

Walked into dr’s office for final check up and she says “how does next Tuesday sound?”

She’s already booked me into the hospital for the very day I wanted!

Almost had to pick hubby’s jaw up from the floor!  LOL.



Brain Dead

So I’ve been wanting to write posts.

Have had plenty to say.

Including my planned posts on what happened when Luke was born.

But I’m brain dead.

Not sure if it’s baby brain or from the anaesthetic.

But it makes it hard to write coherent posts.

Not to mention it’s hard to type with a baby in your arms.

And half the time the internet won’t work.  😦

Excuses, Excuses.  I know.

We’re just surviving here.

I hope you’ll bear with me until I’m back on track.

And Christmas?

Lovely and simple.

MIL cooked a turkey roll.

We bought some shaved ham.

And put them with salad.

Just Farmboy (hubby) and I with the kids.

And a white chocolate cheesecake that hubby helped me make (using the Thermomix of course).


Luke Jeremiah

Baby Luke

Born Tuesday 13th November



My apologies for not posting earlier.  Things didn’t go quite to plan and I’ve been a little dazed and unwell.  Hopefully I’ll post the birth story soon.

Come Baby Shopping With Me?

I’m trying to sit on my hands at the moment.

My online shopping hands that is.

It’s just a bit too easy to overspend.

Something I’ve been guilty of lately.

So I’m trying not to go overboard.

Particularly given we’re not 100% sure it is a boy.

I don’t want to go rebuying the pink stuff I have in blue, only to discover ANOTHER mistake.

Instead, I thought I’d go “virtual shopping”.  Create a “wishlist” so to speak of my “would love but not essential right now” products.


Bonds Signature Vest Lucky Blue

These are SOOOOO cute but hard to justify when I can pick up regular singlets for 50c from the Op Shop.  Why can’t someone donate a few of these???? 😉

I do love the Bonds range of stuff and they’re not making it any easier by having a sale on their website at the moment!


This one is a tough one because I bought one in pink on sale and it is sooooo soft and beautiful.  And I’m a little bit sad because I don’t have anything “special” like it if it’s a boy.

Why does it make it so tough?

Because I don’t think I can even buy one, no matter how badly I wanted it.

Not from the site I bought the pink one from and the Bambooty site says they’re out of stock too. 😦


Not necessarily this one but a hooded towel of some description.

It’s funny but it’s one of those things I’ve always thought a neat idea, but have never had one for any of my kids.

My mother-in-law likes giving towels as baby gifts (I’ve already been given a new white one for this bubs) so I guess I’ve never felt it made sense to just go out and buy something else.

But they are so cute and so practical, particularly once bubs is moving around more (I like the beach towel version too).



I had a friend lend me a pair of soft leather prewalker shoes when Trailer Boy (now almost 9) was a baby.  They were the coolest thing as they actually STAYED on his feet!!!!

Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive (although I think ebay might have some cheaper options).

Well, that’s enough shopping for one night.

But tell me, is there anything you wish you had when your children were babies?

Or something you couldn’t have lived without?


Are You Ready For Bubs?

I seem to have reached the stage in my pregnancy where a common question is “are you all ready for bubs?”

I think it’s just a way of making small-talk.

But how do you answer that question?




Carseat – so we can get home from hospital.  CHECK

Bassinette – reborrowed Mother-In-Laws that most of the grandkids have slept in.  CHECK

Packet of Nappies.  CHECK

Couple of growsuits and singlets.  CHECK

Sling to carry bubs in.  CHECK

Couple of blankets to wrap bubs in / keep warm.  CHECK

I guess we’re kind of ready.

I’m going to need some more singlets and clothes but hoping to get some hand me downs from a neighbour (and maybe a few as gifts).

Have chosen a pram but haven’t bought one yet.

Have bought a few Modern Cloth Nappies to try but probably won’t try any of those in the first month or two.

We’re pretty much taking the simple route this time around.

No much room for too much “stuff”.

And no doubt we’ll accumulate as we go along.

Then there’s the other side of the question.


Not sure.

Giving birth?

Not really.  Although no doubt in another few weeks I’ll be so sick of myself I’ll want it out regardless.

Am I ready to have a baby to look after 24/7?

Cuddles – YES.

The rest (along with single parenting 4 kids due to harvest)?  Not so sure.

But babies are the original players of the game “coming ready or not!”.  😉

I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Mostly I feel quite casual about the whole thing.

Probably need to think about packing a hospital bag soon I suppose….

Heading Up The River

I won’t be posting for a few days as we’re off with some friends for a couple of days on the Murray River in a houseboat.

To say the kids are excited could be an understatement. 😉

It’s something Farmboy and I have always said we’d like to do.

But it somehow seems a bit surreal to be actually doing it.

I think because it all came about from a casual conversation with friends about wanting to go up the river this holidays.

I’m hoping it will be a nice relaxing way to spend our last holiday before bubs. 🙂

The weather looks like being warm but not too bad so it should be lovely on the water.

Be back soon with some pics. 🙂

Taking A Gap Year

My son shared with us over dinner tonight that he’s thinking he’ll take a gap year before going to University.

He’s got 3 years of Secondary Schooling left after this year so we’ve got a while to think about it and discuss it.

But I was surprised to find myself not at all opposed to the idea.

He’s thought it out at least a little.  His idea is to earn some money but also be available to do some Tennis Coaching Coaches courses throughout the year.  Which in turn would give him the ability to earn a part-time income while going through Uni.

I wanted to take a gap year between year 12 and University but my parents were opposed to the idea.  They were concerned I might never go back to Uni. I guess a part of me has the same concerns for Lleyton.

However, for me, I was burnt out from studying and coasted my way through first year, pretty much hating it.  How I passed is beyond me.  Not that I didn’t gain some great friendships and experiences during my time there.  It wasn’t wasted time in any regard (an expensive year of trying to “find myself” mind you – which I had to pay for some 10 years later).

Of course, we will be strongly encouraging him to apply for the course he wants and deferring.  And setting aside some money for when he does go to Uni.

And we’ve said from the outset that he has to support himself if he takes a gap year (ie pay board if he’s still living at home).

What do you think?  Are you a fan of a gap year?  Did you take one?  Would you be happy to support your kids taking one?