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Brain Dead

So I’ve been wanting to write posts.

Have had plenty to say.

Including my planned posts on what happened when Luke was born.

But I’m brain dead.

Not sure if it’s baby brain or from the anaesthetic.

But it makes it hard to write coherent posts.

Not to mention it’s hard to type with a baby in your arms.

And half the time the internet won’t work.  😦

Excuses, Excuses.  I know.

We’re just surviving here.

I hope you’ll bear with me until I’m back on track.

And Christmas?

Lovely and simple.

MIL cooked a turkey roll.

We bought some shaved ham.

And put them with salad.

Just Farmboy (hubby) and I with the kids.

And a white chocolate cheesecake that hubby helped me make (using the Thermomix of course).


Time For A Blogroll

Along with losing my own blog, I seem to have lost my feedreader as well.  Meaning NO blogs to read. 😦  Unless people post links on facebook.

SO, I think it’s time to build a blogroll on this here blog.

Could you please leave YOUR blog link in the comments below.

And share 1 or 2 blogs you really LOVE and why you love them.

I need me some blogs to read while I’ve got my feet up!

When Ones Blog Dies

My blog died.

I have no idea why.

One day it was working fine and the next….nothing.

It’s always the scary risk with blogs.

That’s how someone talked me into self hosting.

Not that I was really “self” hosting since I know very little about technical stuff.

An old blogging friend offered to host it (and build it) on my behalf some years ago.

And everything went sweet for a while.

My blog was pretty, I learnt new things about wordpress, html and the like.

But not how to back it up or upgrade wordpress or any of that “technical behind the scenes” stuff.

So it was no more mine than a free hosted blog like this one.

Here one day and gone the next.

All my family history, recipes, inspirational posts, frugal posts.

Just gone.

And I don’t think it’s coming back.  😦

And for a while I wasn’t sure I wanted to even start a new one.

I figured maybe it was a sign that my blogging time was over.

I wanted to forget I’d ever blogged – the only way I really knew how to deal with the grief of losing my blog.

But I miss it.

So I’m giving it another go.

I have no idea how this blog will go.

With 2 part-time jobs and a baby on the way, I don’t know how I’ll fit blogging in.

But with this fresh start comes a new perspective on blogging.

It’s no longer about the “success”.

It’s no longer about the number of comments.

It’s no longer about the number of visitors, the google ranking or the money making income potential.

It’s just my way of reaching out to others.

Making connections, no matter how few.

And expressing myself when no other form of expression seems to “do”.

If you’re an old reader who has “found me” – welcome.

If you’re a new reader who has never heard of “Lightening” (and yes, it’s deliberately spelt with an “e”) – welcome.

If you’re a blogger who’d like to share this blog or add me to your blogroll, thank you.  But no obligation.

It might take me a while to tweak this blog but in the meantime, I hope you’ll take the time to say hi in the comments section so I know you’ve been. 🙂