My name is Jodi and I have been blogging in various places for many years now.

Recently, my main blog, Lightening Online, died and I had to reassess how badly I wanted to continue blogging – badly enough to start all over again?

Obviously, after some time out, I decided yes.  And so, this blog was born.

The main characters you may come across on this blog:

Farmboy – my wonderful husband of 16 years now.  Yes, he’s a farmer.  We farm a variety of grains  (mostly wheat and barley but a few other bits and pieces too) as well as sheep (for both meat and wool – different breeds).  In the scheme of things, we’re not HUGE farmers but we’re big enough.  I’ll try to include some new posts about our farm and machinery as I get the opportunity.

Lleyton – My 14 year old son.  I named his this years ago when he began to show an avid interest (and a decent ability) in tennis.  Back in those days Lleyton Hewitt was someone he aspired to be.  Of course, with the passing of time, Lleyton isn’t quite as well known but it’s how I think of him when I blog so that’s how he’ll stay.

Singstar Princess – my beautiful 11 year old girl.  She just LOVES singing and in my completely biased opinion, sings like an angel! 🙂

Trailer Boy – my 8 year old son who has always shown an interest in anything with a trailer.  He’s constantly connecting toys together in all kinds of creative ways to make them “tow”.

Me (Lightening) – Every now and then, someone asks me if I know I’ve spelt “Lightning” wrong.  It’s a long story but the short version is that my “Lightening” is more about my desire to shine a light in the world – to try and make it a better place for those about me.

What is this blog about?

I know they say the most successful blogs have a theme and pretty much stick to it.

Well, my theme is “my life”.

It won’t make me money but it will bring lots of satisfaction. 🙂

Some of my interests that “may” crop up on the blog include:

  • my children (including the baby who is yet to arrive)
  • recipes
  • simple/frugal living (I seem to fluctuate in and out of this)
  • depression (as a sufferer of depression, I try to speak out about my journey in the hope that others can gain some sort of understanding and perhaps comfort from what I’ve been through)
  • gardening (again, my gardening attempts tend to fluctuate)
  • farming life
  • my faith (I used to keep a separate blog for deeper discussions on my faith but in an effort to simplify my life, it is likely to crop up here from time to time if I have something I want to share)
  • thermomix (I’m currently saving for one so you may hear me talk about that from time to time – probably more so once I actually own one).

I hope you’ll stay a while, have a poke around and a read.  Perhaps leave a comment if you have the time and inclination.  It’s always good to hear from others about their own ideas and experiences along life’s ways.



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