When A Birth Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan – Part 1

My Birth Plan was pretty simple:

An induction at 38 weeks (after a scan at 37 weeks to ensure bubs would be big enough) to reduce the liklihood of a 3rd degree tear during delivery.

I came close with the birth of my last child and the dr wanted to avoid this at all costs.

Her goal was no tearing at all.

Gotta aim high!

Pain Relief:

Having had 1 birth using Pethidine and 2 births using NOTHING (not fun!), I wasn’t keen for either of those options.

My dr recommended an Epidural as this would have the added benefit of slowing down the 2nd stage and giving me more control.  This gave us a better chance of avoiding a nasty tear.

I was concerned about the Epidural stopping labour so the plan was to start the Epidural when 7cm dilated.

Given that during my 1st 3 labors, I had dilated quite quickly, I was comfortable with that as a plan.

Great Minds:

I had a day in mind for when I wanted to be induced.

Tuesday 13th November.

Walked into dr’s office for final check up and she says “how does next Tuesday sound?”

She’s already booked me into the hospital for the very day I wanted!

Almost had to pick hubby’s jaw up from the floor!  LOL.



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