Come Baby Shopping With Me?

I’m trying to sit on my hands at the moment.

My online shopping hands that is.

It’s just a bit too easy to overspend.

Something I’ve been guilty of lately.

So I’m trying not to go overboard.

Particularly given we’re not 100% sure it is a boy.

I don’t want to go rebuying the pink stuff I have in blue, only to discover ANOTHER mistake.

Instead, I thought I’d go “virtual shopping”.  Create a “wishlist” so to speak of my “would love but not essential right now” products.


Bonds Signature Vest Lucky Blue

These are SOOOOO cute but hard to justify when I can pick up regular singlets for 50c from the Op Shop.  Why can’t someone donate a few of these???? 😉

I do love the Bonds range of stuff and they’re not making it any easier by having a sale on their website at the moment!


This one is a tough one because I bought one in pink on sale and it is sooooo soft and beautiful.  And I’m a little bit sad because I don’t have anything “special” like it if it’s a boy.

Why does it make it so tough?

Because I don’t think I can even buy one, no matter how badly I wanted it.

Not from the site I bought the pink one from and the Bambooty site says they’re out of stock too. 😦


Not necessarily this one but a hooded towel of some description.

It’s funny but it’s one of those things I’ve always thought a neat idea, but have never had one for any of my kids.

My mother-in-law likes giving towels as baby gifts (I’ve already been given a new white one for this bubs) so I guess I’ve never felt it made sense to just go out and buy something else.

But they are so cute and so practical, particularly once bubs is moving around more (I like the beach towel version too).



I had a friend lend me a pair of soft leather prewalker shoes when Trailer Boy (now almost 9) was a baby.  They were the coolest thing as they actually STAYED on his feet!!!!

Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive (although I think ebay might have some cheaper options).

Well, that’s enough shopping for one night.

But tell me, is there anything you wish you had when your children were babies?

Or something you couldn’t have lived without?



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