Are You Ready For Bubs?

I seem to have reached the stage in my pregnancy where a common question is “are you all ready for bubs?”

I think it’s just a way of making small-talk.

But how do you answer that question?




Carseat – so we can get home from hospital.  CHECK

Bassinette – reborrowed Mother-In-Laws that most of the grandkids have slept in.  CHECK

Packet of Nappies.  CHECK

Couple of growsuits and singlets.  CHECK

Sling to carry bubs in.  CHECK

Couple of blankets to wrap bubs in / keep warm.  CHECK

I guess we’re kind of ready.

I’m going to need some more singlets and clothes but hoping to get some hand me downs from a neighbour (and maybe a few as gifts).

Have chosen a pram but haven’t bought one yet.

Have bought a few Modern Cloth Nappies to try but probably won’t try any of those in the first month or two.

We’re pretty much taking the simple route this time around.

No much room for too much “stuff”.

And no doubt we’ll accumulate as we go along.

Then there’s the other side of the question.


Not sure.

Giving birth?

Not really.  Although no doubt in another few weeks I’ll be so sick of myself I’ll want it out regardless.

Am I ready to have a baby to look after 24/7?

Cuddles – YES.

The rest (along with single parenting 4 kids due to harvest)?  Not so sure.

But babies are the original players of the game “coming ready or not!”.  😉

I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Mostly I feel quite casual about the whole thing.

Probably need to think about packing a hospital bag soon I suppose….


3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Bubs?

  1. womanof31

    Good luck with it all. Don’t leave packing your baby bag too long. DS14 can 18 days early, as as my first I wasn’t expecting him so soon. I packed my bag during labour.

  2. Katrina Davies Hutchesson

    All I can say is buy a pram in case you are to sore to use the sling at first….:-) oh dear was forgetting harvest was in the middle of all this fun (or should I say the beginning?) ah you will manage cause you’re family will help you out (bribery and corruption maybe?) Can still recall the last few months the little old ladies in the supermarket actually patting my stomach then asking how I was going and did I have anything ready

  3. Cookie

    ahh and you have your big kids to help out too…! One day at a time ! It must be so exciting on one way too as you get to meet a brand new family member!


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