Generally I’m not a big fan of housework.

I LIKE having a clean and tidy house.

I just don’t like the effort it takes to get it that way.

Not to mention KEEPING it that way.

I’m not all that great of getting rid of “stuff” either which doesn’t help.

And I get overwhelmed very easily.

However, this week I seem to have found my “housework mojo”.

I’m not sure if it’s because I have this week off work (next week away) and then planning to work pretty close to the baby being born.

So this week is kind of IT in terms of catching up and doing those jobs that are beyond the “basics”.

Or if my nesting instinct has kicked in.

It’s one of the things I like about being pregnant.

The desire to clean, declutter and generally organised.

Obviously some women have it all the time.


Only toward the end of my pregnancies.

Don’t think the solution to my housework issues is to keep getting pregnant though.


But I may as well take advantage of it while it’s here.


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