When A Birth Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan – Part 1

My Birth Plan was pretty simple:

An induction at 38 weeks (after a scan at 37 weeks to ensure bubs would be big enough) to reduce the liklihood of a 3rd degree tear during delivery.

I came close with the birth of my last child and the dr wanted to avoid this at all costs.

Her goal was no tearing at all.

Gotta aim high!

Pain Relief:

Having had 1 birth using Pethidine and 2 births using NOTHING (not fun!), I wasn’t keen for either of those options.

My dr recommended an Epidural as this would have the added benefit of slowing down the 2nd stage and giving me more control.  This gave us a better chance of avoiding a nasty tear.

I was concerned about the Epidural stopping labour so the plan was to start the Epidural when 7cm dilated.

Given that during my 1st 3 labors, I had dilated quite quickly, I was comfortable with that as a plan.

Great Minds:

I had a day in mind for when I wanted to be induced.

Tuesday 13th November.

Walked into dr’s office for final check up and she says “how does next Tuesday sound?”

She’s already booked me into the hospital for the very day I wanted!

Almost had to pick hubby’s jaw up from the floor!  LOL.



Brain Dead

So I’ve been wanting to write posts.

Have had plenty to say.

Including my planned posts on what happened when Luke was born.

But I’m brain dead.

Not sure if it’s baby brain or from the anaesthetic.

But it makes it hard to write coherent posts.

Not to mention it’s hard to type with a baby in your arms.

And half the time the internet won’t work.  😦

Excuses, Excuses.  I know.

We’re just surviving here.

I hope you’ll bear with me until I’m back on track.

And Christmas?

Lovely and simple.

MIL cooked a turkey roll.

We bought some shaved ham.

And put them with salad.

Just Farmboy (hubby) and I with the kids.

And a white chocolate cheesecake that hubby helped me make (using the Thermomix of course).


Luke Jeremiah

Baby Luke

Born Tuesday 13th November



My apologies for not posting earlier.  Things didn’t go quite to plan and I’ve been a little dazed and unwell.  Hopefully I’ll post the birth story soon.

New Laundry

I’ve always wanted to have a “nice” laundry.

It’s a tricky room because it’s used a lot, gets messy easily and can become a dumping ground for all kinds of things that don’t have a home.

When we built this house, we kept the laundry pretty basic, with plans to do it up “one day”.

Well, one day has finally arrived.

We got some brochures from the local hardware store and started planning.

Farmboy ordered the cupboards we wanted.  I chose a pull-out ironing board and a hamper cupboard as well as a half broom cupboard, overhead cupboard, overhead cupboard without doors and a regular cupboard.

Here are some before shots:

Kind of feral looking isn’t it?

I will admit this is actually worse than “normal” as some of the cupboards we used to have in the laundry were moved out to the games room. So this as an “interim mess”.

Still, we did quite a bit of culling while the stuff was being moved out and in again.

Once the cupboards were installed, we ordered the benchtops.  So I had a few weeks with topless cupboards!!!

Here’s the finished product:

I’m a bit disappointed that Farmboy decided to put the UHF etc right there in plain sight with all the cords etc.  😦  I know it has to go somewhere but the laundry wasn’t even finished so I couldn’t even get a nice “after shot” before it went in.  I would have preferred it over by the window where we already have cords and things anyway (and not so visible from family room).  Oh well, it’s still a functional room, not a display room.

Here it is with my baskets put back.  The cane basket is for Farmboys “stuff” that ends up all over the place when he comes in at night.

This is where we’re going to set up the baby change area.

It’s amazing how much difference the right storage can make.  I ended up with that double door cupboard empty.  Which is great as it now has baby stuff in it.  I had no idea where I was going to put the baby’s stuff so that was a bonus!  We’ll put a change mat on top and a basket with change stuff in it.

The challenge now?  To keep it tidy!  At least when it is tidy, it’ll look great!  And so far, it is more organised which is helping.

Come Baby Shopping With Me?

I’m trying to sit on my hands at the moment.

My online shopping hands that is.

It’s just a bit too easy to overspend.

Something I’ve been guilty of lately.

So I’m trying not to go overboard.

Particularly given we’re not 100% sure it is a boy.

I don’t want to go rebuying the pink stuff I have in blue, only to discover ANOTHER mistake.

Instead, I thought I’d go “virtual shopping”.  Create a “wishlist” so to speak of my “would love but not essential right now” products.


Bonds Signature Vest Lucky Blue

These are SOOOOO cute but hard to justify when I can pick up regular singlets for 50c from the Op Shop.  Why can’t someone donate a few of these???? 😉

I do love the Bonds range of stuff and they’re not making it any easier by having a sale on their website at the moment!


This one is a tough one because I bought one in pink on sale and it is sooooo soft and beautiful.  And I’m a little bit sad because I don’t have anything “special” like it if it’s a boy.

Why does it make it so tough?

Because I don’t think I can even buy one, no matter how badly I wanted it.

Not from the site I bought the pink one from and the Bambooty site says they’re out of stock too. 😦


Not necessarily this one but a hooded towel of some description.

It’s funny but it’s one of those things I’ve always thought a neat idea, but have never had one for any of my kids.

My mother-in-law likes giving towels as baby gifts (I’ve already been given a new white one for this bubs) so I guess I’ve never felt it made sense to just go out and buy something else.

But they are so cute and so practical, particularly once bubs is moving around more (I like the beach towel version too).



I had a friend lend me a pair of soft leather prewalker shoes when Trailer Boy (now almost 9) was a baby.  They were the coolest thing as they actually STAYED on his feet!!!!

Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive (although I think ebay might have some cheaper options).

Well, that’s enough shopping for one night.

But tell me, is there anything you wish you had when your children were babies?

Or something you couldn’t have lived without?


Thermie is Here!!!!

If you were a reader of my old blog, you may remember that earlier this year I set myself a challenge to save up for a Thermomix.


Since then I have scrimped and saved from the grocery budget (by using up what we have on hand and planning cheaper meals / less wastage etc), added my birthday money, some spare change, some unallocated interest money from our savings account.

It was surprising how quickly the savings started to mount.

Then I started my job (after waiting a full school term) and thought I’d have some extra cash to put toward my total.  Of course, most of my part-time wage got gobbled up by kids stuff so it took a few pay cycles before I realised that instead of waiting to have a big amount left-over, I needed to allocate something each pay toward my thermomix.

In October, the Thermomix customer deal included a free Thermomix Bread Mat (which I don’t think you can actually buy).  Farmboy told me he’d put in the rest of the total as a baby gift for me so I could get it and have time to learn how to use it before bubs arrived.

So, on Monday, my Thermomix consultant drove up with my Thermomix and did a delivery demonstration.  I had a few friends around to show them the Thermomix.  We ate good food and had some laughs.  And as a thankyou, I got the Thermoserver for free (this is a dish that keeps food hot or cold and again, is only available as a gift – can’t be purchased).

The demonstrator made sorbet, dip, coleslaw, bread, risotto and custard in the Thermomix while she was here.

When my guests had gone, we made a batch of the famous Thermomix vegie stock so she could show me how to use the machine.

I think this was my favourite part about the Thermomix.  The personal service.  Yes, you do pay for it in the cost of the machine BUT I have another appliance in my cupboard that I ordered with flybuys reward points and have used once because I haven’t figured out how to properly use it yet. Being shown how to use something is so much easier than trying to nut it out from a poorly translated instruction book.

With an investment like the Thermomix, you certainly want to get the full usage from it!

The demonstrator left just after 5pm.  I had to go out at 7.30pm.  In that time I made chocolate cake, bread rolls, cooked some chicken and added to leftover risotto, ate tea, made custard which we had with the chocolate cake and had a half an hour lie down.

Think Thermie might have been ready for a lie down too after all that hard work!!!  🙂

The kids are VERY excited and planning what they’re going to make in it.  They’ve been pouring through the Everyday Cookbook that came with it planning what they want to try.

Today I’m going to make some lemon meringue pies and who knows what else.

That’s if I get off the computer and make a start! 😉